Armenian Porn Star Does the Most Armenian-womany Thing Imaginable During Shoot


SOMEWHERE IN RUSSIA–Russian-Armenian pornographic film actress who goes by the name Varda, does absolutely the most Armenian-womany thing imaginable during a shoot.

Less than seven minutes into fellating her co-star, whose name is probably Vladimir, Varda seems to think the whole thing is taking too long. While being re-positioned, she takes the opportunity to perform an epic eye-roll that was caught on camera.

You can take the girl out of Armenia, but you can’t take Armenia out of the girl. If instead of rolling her eyes, Varda had at that exact moment broken out into a rendition of the Armenian national anthem, it would still have been less of a give away that she’s an Armenian woman.

varda eye roll with black bars red arrows
Look up, Vlad. You’re getting eye-rolled, bro.

And just imagine: she’s being paid to have sex. Cash. Up front. Yet she’s still making faces!

This is a look into your future, John, and your futures too, Juan and DeShawn. This is what you can expect from your Armenian wives: being nickel-and-dimed for every moment of physical intimacy, and even then, during the deed, they’ll still drag their feet, or whichever body part is involved. Armenian women keep a ledger of what they do to you, and at the end of the fiscal period, they call in your tab. If you don’t cough up the cash in the form of goods and services, there’s going to be many a cold night in the Sanchez household.

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