Is “Armo” an Ethnic Slur? Armo, Please!


Nigger, Nip, Mick, Spic, Yid, Jap, Wop, Kike, and Armo.

Only one of these is a slur. Let’s find out which one.


“Nigger” is simply the Latin word for black, niger. Is calling black people black in another language bad? No, of course not. Besides, how can it be a slur if black people have the word on their tongues more than Colonel Sanders’ secret sauce?

Verdict: Not a slur.

“Nip”, “Jap”

Nip is short for “Nippon” which is what the Japanese themselves call the land of Japan. So what about “Jap”? Jap’s just the first three letters of “Japanese”. Is it a slur to call someone Japanese? If anything, you honor them by saving them time. Japs are a punctual people.

Verdict: Not a srur.


I thought “spic” was a variation of Hispanic, but the truth is even less offensive than that. Wikipedia says “Spic” is short for “spiggoty”, as in the phrase heard throughout the American pacific southwest: “No spiggoty English.”

Verdict: Hilarious/not a slur.

“Yid”, “Kike”

“Yid”, like Jap, is only the first three letters of “Yiddish”, while the word “kike” was coined by German Jews to refer to Russian Jews due to the prevalence of the common name ending ky among them.

Verdict: Not a $lur


“Mick” is merely the sound of the common prefix “Mc” in Irish last names, as in McFarlane, McLovin and McChicken Sandwich.

Verdict: Not a McSlur.


“Wop” is derived from the Spanish word “guapo”, meaning handsome.

Verdict: Compliment.


Last but not least, “Armo”. I know you don’t think “Armo” is a slur against Armos. Armo, please!

“Armo”, like Jap and Yid, takes the first three letters of the acceptable name of the people itself, only “Armo” adds an “o” at the end. Is there anything demeaning in being called “Armenian” or do you have something against vowels?

You are Armenian, aren’t you?

All right then, what’s the problem, my nigga?

Verdict: Words have no meaning.


You probably guessed it by now, Armo. The only word out of the original sentence that is in any way offensive is “and”. Conjunctions are the assholes of the grammar world. Don’t believe me? Next time your wife is finished telling you about her day, look her right in the eyes and say, “And?” May as well have called her a cunt, because you’re about the sleep on the couch, my Armo. Try it. Just utter “And” after anyone is done talking about anything. See for yourself in these everyday scenarios:

–(sobbing) My grandmother died.
–(hysterical sobbing) Fuck you!

–The truth is I love you. I’ve always loved you. Marry me, Cheryl.
–Oh, I’m not good enough for you, you heartless bitch?!

–Mr. Allen, you’ve been accused of two counts of attempted murder and three counts of rape.
–You unrepentant son of a…You’re going away for life!

Ghispia Vochnchakanyan

Ghispia Vochnchakanyan

Ghispia Vochnchakanyan graduated from Columbia and later the Sorbonne earning degrees in International Relationships and Globular Marketing.
Ghispia Vochnchakanyan

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  1. Best for her to know and for you to find out

    “Armo, we ain’t rich. We Armo rich! Oh, wait. That’s still pretty rich.”

  2. All wrong. Armo STARTED as a pejorative, but then we took it back and used it as a term of endearment, like “Armo, whachyou mean we ain’t got no more foodstamps?” or “Armo, that new ride lookin’ sweet. Didn’t know the BMW dealer accepted foodstamps.” and so on.

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