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In Turkey today, it is being said that the Kurds are the new Armenians. The parallels are indeed striking. Marxist political parties, the PKK and YPG, (formerly the Dashaks and Hunchaks) financed by foreigners, are committing stupid and self-defeating acts of terrorism for the purpose of establishing an independent nation. Russia has positioned itself as noble protector of the Kurds in Syria, while Israel and the U.S. are supporting their ambitions in Iraq for no ulterior motives whatsoever.

Keep it up Kurds! If all goes according to plan, you too, like the first Armenia republic, will have an independent nation for 2 whole years before being absorbed into the Soviet/Eurasian Union for 70 years, followed by 20 years of stagnation, corruption and emigration.

Anyway, if Kurds are the new Armenians, then ISIS is the new Kurds. Sure, ISIS mass murders pretty good, I guess. But with more practice, they could turn it into an artform like the Kurds. The Kurds have not one but two genocides under their belt, the Armenian and Assyrian genocides. Now the Kurds want independence for some reason, despite the fact that they have all of south eastern Anatolia all to themselves, the very


The Paper Ladle prides itself on bringing all Armenians together. In that spirit, we decided to conduct a poll of our readers to determine once and for all which is the worst group of Armenians so that we can then all come together, and, as one nation, ridicule and ostracize them.

Which are the worst Armenians?


Former USC football coach Steve Sarkisian, who was fired for alcohol and prescription drug abuse, is now suing his former employers in what promises to be a very acrimonious and public spectacle. But is that more embarrassing than Canadian-American Lesbian Anita Sarkeesian whose name over the past couple years has become synonymous with ball-breaking and professional victimhood?

Leave your reasons in the comments below.

Who is the more embarrassing Sarkisian: Steve or Anita?

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